10 Creative and Helpful Gifts for You to Give a Friend Who Likes to Travel

If you’re here it’s because you’re thinking of giving a gift to a traveling friend, right?

Or maybe send this list as gift suggestions that you, addicted to travel assumed, want to win!

I like to gift friends, I choose the souvenirs according to the personality and the usefulness of the present.

What’s the value of a gift?

It is very good to gain a useful gift to use it day by day when it is used I think: it was so-and-so who gave me. 🙂

To help you choose a cool and useful gift for your friend who likes to travel or help your friends when giving you gifts, I have created the following list:

presentes criativos



#1 Nécessaire

The more, the better! Haha: P

There are many models, sizes, and prints. It is a hand on the wheel at the time of organizing the objects inside the suitcase, mainly for us women that we have many giblets to organize.

#2 Travel Kit for Liquids

They are small containers to put personal hygiene products, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, moisturizer, perfume.

It is a very useful gift for travelers because it saves a lot of space in the suitcase since it will not carry the original packaging.

presentes criativos


#3 Neck Cushion

Whether traveling long or short, it is very pleasant to rest with a neck cushion.

There are several models, colors, and prints. Each model with its specificity and characteristic. It has styrofoam, sponge, massager and inflatable balls (great for saving luggage space).

No doubt your friend will be very happy to receive such a pillow. It is satisfaction guaranteed.

# 4 Eye Cover for Sleeping

Following the guideline of a comfortable journey, giving a slap eye fits very well.

Although it is a simple souvenir it is very useful since it will help your friend to relax during the trip without the hassle of clarity in the eyes.

presentes criativos


#5 Thermos

During the trips, there are tours that last all day, so it is always good to take snacks and water because depend on the ride, people will not have food to sell.

It is very annoying to travel and get hungry, or thirsty, for a long period.

This is a great gift for anyone who likes to do trails.

#6 Backpack

It does not have to be a power backpack, just be the basic to carry food, personal belongings, sunscreen, and camera during the rides.

The backpack makes it easy to carry these items since it can be placed on your back and your hands are free for activities.

presentes criativos


# 7 Cover and tag for a suitcase

Identifying the suitcase is so important to avoid misplacement or someone picking up their suitcase by mistake.

Leia aqui sobre 17 cuidados com sua mala de viagem.

presentes criativos


# 8  Belt pack

It is a kind of very thin, super discreet, ideal for carrying documents, cards, and money without attracting attention.

You put on the waistband inside the clothing.

# 9: Cane for Selfie

Popularly called “selfie dick”, this is a great gift for anyone who likes to take pictures. It is certainly a very welcome gift, especially if the person gifted likes to travel alone or as a couple.

Sometimes it is uncomfortable to ask one and the other to take our photo.

#Tip 10: Photo Album

To gift your friend with a photo album, you’ll have to get to know him well, as he should have the habit of revealing the travel photos.

If your friend is a person who likes something different, has some beautiful albums for photo cutouts and decorations, they are called scrapbooks.

Did you like 10 creative and helpful gifts tips for those who like to travel?

Share these tips with your friends, they will also like to know!

Do you have a gift that you would add to this list? Leave your tip in the comments!

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Author: Shirley Gomes

Cearense de coração, apaixonada por viagens e fotografia, criou o site Dicas de Viagens Baratas para mostrar que é possível fazer ótimas viagens mesmo com pouco dinheiro, pois com planejamento e organização é possível viajar para qualquer destino, basta querer.

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